Updates 2/4

Happy Monday 3rd Grade Families!

I hope everyone was able to stay home and safe, and possibly get outside to enjoy the snow!


I am sad to say that we will be canceling the field trip for tomorrow. We are unsure at this point if there will be school tomorrow, but even if there is, I do not want any parents out driving more than they have to with this weather. We will just stay at school and proceed as normal. Thank you all so much for volunteering to help out! I know the students were really looking forward to this field trip. If there is an opportunity to reschedule, I will let everyone know.


It is almost Market Day! We’ve been working really hard for the big day. As of now, we hope to have Market Day on Tuesday, February 12th. This will depend on whether we have enough time this week to finish our products due to the snow. If the date changes, I will let you know. This is not something that parents usually come to, but I know some kids are bringing items from home for day-of sale (cookies, juice, etc), so I wanted everyone to be aware of the upcoming date.


Valentine Planning Sheets (the pink paper) was due on Friday. I only received planning sheets from about 1/2 the class, so I look forward to getting the rest of them when we return to school this week! Valentine’s gifts are due next Monday (2/11) in a non-see through bag!


If you are ever curious about information happening at school or in the classroom and can’t find the specific email I sent home, our classroom website is a GREAT resource! All weekly updates, homework, upcoming dates, what we’re up to, and random details can be found on our 3rd grade page.  https://3rdgrade.smsbellevue. org/


Our weekly homework is already uploaded to the website if you have a printer and your child would like to get a head start. Otherwise, homework will be passed out when we return to school and students are welcome to turn it in next Monday if they need the extra time!


Thank you all for your continued support!
Stay safe and enjoy the snow!