Updates 3/18

Happy Monday!

First off, a big THANK YOU to all of you for the amazing baby shower on Thursday! Baby B and I are so loved and appreciative. There is a thank you note for each family going home today with your child’s homework. I am so blessed!

As of Friday, Flat Stanley’s went out! They should arrive at their destinations this week, and we will anxiously await their return in April.

Currently, we have been learning about Weather and Climate in science AND doing research on various states across the country for our informative writing/state reports!

We are in charge of Mass again this month. Please join us on Wednesday at 9am to see 3rd graders read and bring up the gifts!

This Thursday is lots of socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. We encourage students to wear crazy socks and/or wear an extra sock to symbolize an extra chromosome.

And – the long awaited information about my long-term sub. As you have read in the Thursday packet, we are SO BLESSED to have Michaela Smith as my fill-in for April and May! Michaela taught this class religion last year and knows these students so well! We have already met a few times to go over specific goals/needs of each student and to ensure a seamless transition as far as classroom management and lesson plans.

Starting April 1st:

  • If you have any absences, scheduling questions, conflicts, or other day-to-day comments, please email Michaela directly at msmith@stmadsophie.org. No need to include me!
  • If there are any long term questions/concerns/comments about changes in academics, progress, future academics, or behavior, please email Michaela, and CC me. Michaela will be the one responding, but I will still be reading email on leave and would love to stay informed for when I return in June.


Please let me know in the next week or so if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

Mandy Balinbin
3rd Grade Teacher
St. Madeleine Sophie School