Resources for 3/18

Happy Wednesday!
I’ve tried to prioritize the work for each day so you have an idea of what I would expect the students to do in a given subject period, and then what is an additional activity if students have time. Please know that I always assign more rather than less just in case, but I do not expect every student to get through every assignment every day. If you are feeling overloaded with the amount of work your child is assigned in a day, stick to just the “priority” assignments or the ones I ask to see for attendance purposes. Do not feel like you have to do it all! Let me know if you have any questions.
Mornings with Ms. Romero: Visit the following link for prayer and pledge each morning.
3rd Grade Lessons: Visit Mrs. Balinbin’s YouTube channel for the schedule and lessons!
Attendance and Work Check-In: Please email/text me the following work to let me know your child was at school today!
  1. Math pg. 192
  2. Reading grammar packet pgs 44 and 45
  3. Completed writing brainstorm page
All of this can also be found on my website! 
Good Luck!