Resources for 3/20

Congratulations for making it through a whole week of online learning! We’ve definitely worked out some of the kinks, and I have some fun new ways to learn coming up next week! I’ll send an email later today with a feedback form that I’d love for you to fill out (or anyone who works with your child, or both!), as well as a compiled list of all the work I’ve been collecting and checking off this week. 
**Please have your child come to the Zoom spelling test with a paper already numbered 1-18! Try to be on-time, but also wait until your scheduled time** Thank you!
Mornings with Ms. Romero: Visit the following link for prayer and pledge each morning.
3rd Grade Lessons: Visit Mrs. Balinbin’s YouTube channel for the schedule and lessons!
Attendance and Work Check-In: Please email/text me the following work to let me know your child was at school today!
  1. Measurement Assessment
  2. Spelling Test