Updates 5/21

Happy Monday!
Congrats to all the families who had a child receive First Communion this weekend. What a blessed day.
Today I sent home a small plastic vile for your child to put a water sample in. We will be observing the water viles for color, clarity, particles, etc next week. Any sample from outside or around the house is welcome! It can be pond water, puddle water, dirty dish water, washing machine water, “I just spit out toothpaste” water, fish tank water, bath water, bird bath water, etc. Please help your child remember to bring it back by THURSDAY, MAY 24TH.
There is NO SCHOOL on Friday (Teacher Work Day) or Monday (Memorial Day). Enjoy the long weekend!
Field day is next Friday, June 1st. Our class color is MAROON!

Also, I wanted to share this article with you about social media. We’re nearing summer where the students will have more free time. I’ve also overheard many of conversations in the classroom that start with “add me on…”, “Have you ever asked Alexa to…”, “Last night I watched on YouTube…”, etc. I am well aware that these kids are a lot of talk and are just trying to impress their friends. However, so many video games have online chat capabilities, youtube has so many commercials and side ads,  and many students have access to (or their own) phone or tablet. I know you are all aware of what’s out there and are doing your part to censor just as we are doing at school. This generation has an amazing ability to figure out the ins-and-outs of technology, but I just don’t want them to grow up too fast or run into something that might be too mature for them. Thank you for all your help and support at home!  https://smartsocial.com/app-guide-parents-teachers/

Updates 5/14

Happy Sunny Monday to All!
There is not much to report this week other than the days off from school coming up.
There will be NO SCHOOL Friday, May 25th and Monday May 28th.
Field Day is Friday, June 1st – our class is MAROON!
Our Flat Stanley have started arriving and we are so excited to learn about Stanley’s adventures around the country. Take a look at our classroom website to see where Stanley has traveled!  http://3rdgrade.smsbellevue.org/what-are-we-up-to/
Thank you all for your generous gifts and words last week. This has been a wonderful year with your children and I can’t believe we only have 5 short weeks left!

Updates 4/30

Happy Last Monday of April!

I cannot even believe it is almost May. We have been working very hard and trying to learn as much as we can in the 7 short weeks we have left.
In your child’s homework packet tonight is a blue page called “My Culture”. Please take a few minutes to help your child learn about his/her family background. This page is due Friday! We will be using the information from this page in other class assignments.
All Flat Stanley’s were sent out today! They will return around May 18th. If your family member/friend has any questions regarding his/her time with Flat Stanley, you are welcome to direct them to me or our class website (there is a Flat Stanley example).
We are about one month away from FIELD DAY! Our class color is MAROON! I will provide a bandana for every child to wear the day of, but please keep an eye out for a maroon shirt for your child (Move-a-thon shirts from two years ago work great)!
And last but not least, Spring Fling is Friday May 11th. Sign up today!
Thank you!

Flat Stanley Project

It is Flat Stanley time!

In 3rd grade, our Social Studies focus is on communities, specifically in The United States. We learn about different cultures found in the United States and how the country has changed over time. Starting in May, students will be researching a state of their choice and writing a report on that state. To add to the fun of state reports, we have a Flat Stanley project that allows us to learn even more about the United States!

Flat Stanley is just a small paper cutout that could easily fit in a purse, backpack, briefcase, etc, based on the book Flat Stanley. The book is about a boy who was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him. He was as thin as paper and soon realized he was able to fit in the mail and travel far and wide for very inexpensive!

I helped a past student with her project (http://3rdgrade.smsbellevue.org/flat-stanley-project/) and now do it with my class! I took pictures with an umbrella in the rain (show common weather), on the ferry (to show the Sound), at the Starbucks Roastery, with the class at school, etc. The hope is that your family member/friend will take pictures doing everyday things so we can learn about “community” and a little bit about weather, landforms, and history about the state they live in.

If you could please send me an address of a family member or friend who lives in another state that would be willing help our class learn about another state through Flat Stanley, we would greatly appreciate it! Today your child colored his/her own Flat self that I will send out to the address you provided. The Flat Stanley will include a letter from your child including what the project is, when it is due, and where to send it to.

Please respond to this email or send back the paper in your child’s homework folder with an address by Friday, April 27th!

As Flat Stanley’s and pictures are returned to school, we will share with the class!!


Let me know if you have any more questions,


Updates 4/23

Happy Monday!

We have had a couple crazy weeks, but we have definitely had fun! There are SO many new photos up on the website. We had chick and duck friends, quite a few water experiments, lessons about poetry and the Apostles Creed, and Earth Day fun! Check it out!! http://3rdgrade.smsbellevue.org/what-are-we-up-to/
We are hoping to do our all-school photo on Wednesday after Mass. Please try to avoid making appointments during this time so we can all be present!

I sent a couple scholastic book order forms in the homework folder today. Feel free to order if you like – I will submit them on Friday!
We are coming up on Flat Stanley time! We are making Flat Stanley’s today and I hope to send them out next week. Please look for a separate email describing the Flat Stanley project!
Let me know if you have any questions!