What Are We Up To?

Thursday, May 21st

In 3rd grade, one of the prayers we learn is The Apostle’s Creed. Students created an “I Believe” church, as well as a prayer collage. Collages include pictures of things that remind the students of God and the many blessings we have.

Monday, May 11th

Our new Social Studies Unit is a State Report! Students love learning about different states in the United States. Each student got to choose a state to research and learn about climate, culture, landforms, and state specifics. They had a lot of fun and did a great job on the final product!

Thursday, May 11th

Our major focus this year has been on Mary – her life, her prayers, her feast days. The rosary has been a large part of our weekly prayer, so we created rosary art to remind us of our devotion to Mary! Students reviewed the pattern of prayers while drawing their rosary and prayed a decade when they were finished.

Friday, April 10th

This week students wrote letters to our parish priest, as well as some friends in a retirement community!

Friday, March 27th

We have been learning about Weather & Climate in our new science unit. Today, students gave an online presentation as a meteorologist, reporting the weather from a different city, state, or country. Students were asked to report the weather, predict the weekend weather based on current weather, and include a picture of the city they reported on. What a fun experience and look at those posters!

(click pictures to enlarge)

Monday, March 9th

For the last several weeks, we have been learning about the different regions of Native Americans in the United States. Students then picked a region they felt passionate about to become the expert! Today the class presented individual dioramas. Everyone did such a great job!

Friday, March 6th

Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss!

Thursday, February 27th

We’ve been practicing our multiplication and division facts for weeks! This week we’re practicing by playing the “Division Games”! Students earn badges by completing division fact challenges. Today we’re playing golf to practice our “Divide by 5” facts!

Thursday, February 13th

Happy Valentine’s Day! Everyone worked so hard to make a gift for a classmate, and everyone was so thankful for the gift they received!

Tuesday, January 28th

We had a great Pajama Day!

Sunday, January 26th

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Thursday, January 23rd

Today we read “Arrow to the Sun” – a Pueblo Indian Tale. We created an art project backdrop using colors and shapes from the story. We also created Kachina dolls – spirits that Southwest tribes called upon for help while growing their crops. We had a lot of fun creating our own designs!

Wednesday, January 22nd

Our narrative unit is in full swing! We started off making a list of what a narrative is. We then brainstormed all the things we love to write about to kickstart our small moment writing!

Friday, January 17th

We’ve been learning about Native American tribes in the United States. The first region we read about was “The Plains”. We also read a story called The Legend of Indian Paintbrush” where a boy from a Plains tribe had a “Dream Vision” where he was able to add color and joy to the sky. Students painted a sunset scene, with rolling hills and plains as the landscape.

Thursday, January 16th

Reading consisted of a sort – comparing and contrasting three characters from our story of the week. Students worked in groups, referencing details from the story.

We just made the switch from multiplication to division and we are so excited! Today we made word problems and learned about division vocabulary.

Monday, January 13th

This week marked the official end to our Life Science unit. Students had so much fun learning about organisms, their life cycles, how they work together, and how they adapt to their environment. Here are a few life cycles!

Friday, December 20th

Merry Christmas from 3rd grade!

Wednesday, December 18th

Gingerbread house decorating!

Wednesday, December 11th

Descriptive writing is in full swing! Students each received one “I am…” statement (ex: I am cold, I am hungry, I am tired). Using the 5 senses, they had to describe that feeling without using the word itself! With privacy folders up, students secretly wrote about their “I am..” statement so neighbors couldn’t read! We will later play a match-up game where classmates will try to guess the unspoken word/feeling based on the picture and description. Take a look at some of our creative writers! Can you guess what they were describing?

Thursday, December 5th

Congrats on such a great St. Nick Night!

These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of multiplication strategies and facts, but we’re having a great time!

Wednesday, December 4th

For our descriptive writing this week, students used the 5 senses and many unique descriptive words to create a monster! Slimy, 4-eyed, minuscule, and horrendous smelling were some of the words that were used!

Monday, November 18th

We started multiplication today! We could not be more excited to learn this new skill. We made arrays and even got to use our desks as whiteboards today!

Thursday, November 14th

Testing by firelight.

Thursday, October 31st

To start off our Halloween fun, we did an “Unlock the Box” activity in math. Students had a series of math problems that built on one another that solved clues. The clues led the students to a missing key that unlocked a box of prizes. Everyone worked very hard and had a great time!

Party Fun!!

Tuesday, October 29th

In our class, we have the 6 P’s that we focus on: prompt, polite, patient, productive, prepared, and positive. Today, each student chose one “P” that they would like to improve on and wrote a goal on how to achieve that.

Students work together on a map skills booklet.

Thursday, October 10th


Thursday, October 3rd

Field trip to Pacific Science Center!


Tuesday, October 1st

Our focus this year: Growth! We started by making a brain flip with all the things we are good at. Next, we will be talking about the things we aren’t good at, YET!

Monday, September 30th

Today we learned about constellations! We identified some constellations in the night sky, then created our own constellation that we wish we saw in the sky. Building the constellation was the final step! With marshmallows and toothpicks, the students got to work. They are so creative!

Friday, September 27th

Place Value Jack-O-Lanterns! Students had a great time creating a Jack-O-Lantern, then practiced their place value skills by adding up how much the pumpkin was worth.

Thursday, September 26th

Math is instantly better with dice and a fun seat!

Wednesday, September 25th

We started opinion writing! Students had the opportunity to share their thoughts on a sticky note and use each other’s ideas as reasons to support their opinion.

After a long day of hard work, some reading time with friends was much needed!

Tuesday, September 10th

We loved sharing our All About Me bags!

Monday, September 9th

Before we start Walk-to-Math next week, we’re brushing up on our Place Value skills!


Students worked on creating a board game! The game cards have questions comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and value of numbers. Students also had the option to write a number riddle, write about the importance of zero, or write a number riddle. Students loved making a mystery picture puzzle, as well!

The “Build a Tower” station was a favorite! Students built a tall tower, then counted up the value of the tower!

Friday, September 6th

Students worked together in groups to brainstorm ways to make sure All Are Welcome on the playground, in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and on the playground!

Tuesday, September 3rd

Happy First Day of School! We are SO excited to be back! Here’s to a great group of 3rd graders and a great start to the year.