What Are We Up To?

Thursday, May 27th

We’ve spent our last few weeks of math reviewing major concepts we learned this year. Nothing says FUN like playing 5-in-a-row with a classmate to practice multiplication facts!

Monday, May 3rd

After balance, we learned about inertia with a slope, a die-cast car, and a blocking board. Again, another fun science WIN!

Thursday, April 29th

Our next prayer to learn is the “Apostles Creed”. We made a collage of all of God’s creation we are thankful for to remind us why we believe in God! Students had a lot of fun finding pictures of things they are thankful for.

Tuesday, April 27th –

We started our Forces & Interactions Science unit today! Our first lesson was trying to get a board to balance. While it seems like an easy task, it proved to be quite challenging. Cheering all around when students finally got a balanced board!


Nothing says, “We’re happy to be back at school!” than some soccer fun at recess!

Tuesday, February 9th

We wrapped up our Native Americans Unit by creating a shoebox diorama. Students chose one region to become an expert on and shared their knowledge with a little creativity!

Friday, February 5th

We practiced our multiplication facts today with a friendly game of Multiplication Battleship!

We have practiced praying the rosary many times this year. One of the ways we practice the pattern of the prayers, is through art!

Friday, January 29th

Catholic Schools Week starts on SUNDAY!
See what we love about our school!

Thursday, January 7th

In Reading, we have been learning about idioms. We brainstormed all the idioms we’ve heard and tried to match them with a literal meaning. We know that idioms are phrases that we don’t mean literally, but that they make our writing more interesting. Here are a few of our favorite idioms!

Thursday, December 17th

Nothing beats our traditional Grinch reading by Ms. Romero and a Grinch craft!

Friday, December 11th

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a class community directed drawing!

Thursday, December 10th

This year, our traditional St. Nick Night Christmas Program looked a little different. We couldn’t miss out on all the community and festivities, so a St. Nick Night IN took place over Zoom. Each family joining from the comfort of their own homes. Teachers led games, read stories aloud, and even taught Christmas Songs in ASL! “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re AWAKE!”

Friday, December 4th

During Advent, waiting for Jesus to come can be hard! It takes a lot of patience. One way we can spend our time in Advent, is by doing things for others. We can also thank God for the blessings in our lives. Third grade students brainstormed “gifts” of kindness they can share with others during Advent, this season of waiting.

Thursday, December 3rd

In Reading, we have been learning that some words can be looked at on a scale from basic and boring to interesting and extreme. Today we showed a list of synonyms on a scaled level.

Monday, November 30

Today marks the 1st Week of Advent!

Monday, November 23rd

Our Math class showing off their arrays – Thanksgiving style!

Thursday, November 19th

We started our Descriptive Writing Unit! In this “Show Not Tell” activity, students were given a feeling to describe: “I am _______. Using the 5 senses, students did their best to describe the feeling – what did it feel, smell, sound, taste, and look like? Then, students drew a picture of that feeling with as much detail as their writing included. Can you guess what these students are feeling?

Tuesday, November 17th

Our latest Science Unit has been Weather & Climate. Students researched three different zones: Polar, Temperate, and Tropical. Using their knowledge of each climate zone, student picked one climate zone to create a model of. What a great use of household items to build a model!


Friday, November 6th

Today we learned about what a Saint is and how we can model our life after them. Look at all these 3rd Grade Saints!

Thursday, November 5th

We started multiplication this week and we are so excited!

Wednesday, November 4th

Can you spot items used during the celebration of the Lord’s Day? I see special objects, clothing, and furniture!

Friday, October 30th

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27th

We have been learning about Weather and Climate in Science for the past couple weeks. Each student was given the M-F weather report of a city around the world and asked to act as a meteorologist, predicting the weekend weather. Today in class, we presented our weather reports. What an outstanding job!

Friday, October 2nd

Today we gathered as a class for community art time and Show & Tell. We had so much fun drawing happy pumpkins!

Friday, September 25th

With the arrival of Fall, we spent our afternoon painting leaf art and writing from the perspective of a leaf – “One day I woke up and I was no longer green…”, “As I fell from the big Oak tree…”

Thursday, September 17th

In The Invisible Boy, the main character feels lonely and ignored until he writes a note to a new student and makes a friend. From that point on, he has someone to play with and feels included. We talked about what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like to be included.

Wednesday, September 15th

We’re all WONDERS!

Monday, September 14th

We have been practicing different reading strategies as we read through some wonderfully written back-to-school books. We “visualized the text” today after we read All Are Welcome.

Wednesday, September 9th

Today we read the book We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, a funny story about a dinosaur learning the rules of school. We discussed our own school rules and turned it into a craft to hang in our home schoolroom!

Tuesday, September 8th

Happy First Day of School!