What Are We Up To?

Monday, April 1st

We have been learning about Climate Zones (tropical, temperate, polar) in science, and worked as a team to create exciting and hands-on Climate Zone Models based on different areas around the world!

Thursday, March 21st

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! We celebrated with Lots of Socks!

Monday, March 11th

We’ve been learning about Weather and Climate for the last week. Our first project was to look at a 5-day weather forecast for a city around the country, and give a weather report, also including a prediction for the weekend weather.

Today our Temperature task cards were tricky! We had to go on a scavenger hunt, only to find they were taped under desks! All-in-all, we had a blast!

Friday, March 1st

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with all the PreK-4th graders! Thank you, 8th graders, for running all the stations! We had a blast.

Monday, February 25th

Market Day! What a success! The third graders LOVED having a storefront and the fourth graders LOVED buying all the creative products.

Today we switched Secret Valentine gifts. We’ve been waiting since the 14th, but had to postpone due to snow. We LOVED our gifts and were SO THANKFUL for our classmates who thoughtfully made us gifts!!

We LOVE Catholic Schools Week!!

Friday, January 25th

Playing our favorite game in Math – Around the World!

Thursday, January 24th

Working with 1st grade on a Catholic Schools Week project!

Friday, January 18th

Our Market Day project is well underway! Yesterday we used our income to buy the resources needed to create our product(s). Today we started making the product. We are so excited for Market Day!

Tuesday, January 15th

Ms. Peterson teaches us Math!

Tuesday, January 8th

Today during Reading, we started Book Clubs and Ms. Peterson helped us with vocabulary!

Thursday, December 20th

Ms. Romero came to our classroom for her Annual Grinch Reading!

Friday, December 7th

Today SMS had some very fun surprise visitors! These Dickens Carolers visited each classroom and sang a few beautiful Christmas carolers! We also got gingerbread cookies!

Wednesday, December 5th

We started Descriptive Writing today! Each student got a slip of paper that said “I am ___” (happy, surprised, proud, angry, etc). They used their 5 senses to describe that ‘I am’ statement without saying the word. Everyone had a great time secretly writing and drawing the descriptions. Once everyone was finished, we circled around the room and tried to guess each others ‘I am’ statement. It was a blast!

Monday, December 3rd

Today was the first day of our whole-school Advent Prayer Service! Please join us each morning at 8:30 for a prayer and Advent song!

Wednesday, November 28th

Before Mass today, 3rd Grade helped Mrs. Ensminger by acting out a play about the First Eucharist. They acted out having their feet washed, sharing the body and blood of Christ, and looking confused by some of Jesus’ actions. Great job, 3rd Graders!

Tuesday, November 13th

Today we had a special visitor from St. Madeleine Sophie Parish who came to talk to us about TC4. TC4 is the Tent City that is located on the Eastside. Storey came to our class to share with us a little bit about the people who live in Tent City and the circumstances that may have led them there.

After Storey left, we made Thanksgiving cards for those who live in Tent City. What a great experience for us!

Tuesday, November 6th

We have been learning about the characteristics of a Saint. Today, we wrote about someone in our lives who acts like a Saint.

Thursday, November 1st

What better way to celebrate All Saints Day than the 8th Grade Saint Museum!

Wednesday, October 31st

Thank you to all our parents who helped us have this great Halloween party!

Friday, October 26th

Fr. Don was kind enough to take us on a tour of the church! We got to ask so many questions, as well as learn about the stained-glass windows, statues, altar, sacristy, chapel, and more.


October 22-26th

ITBS Week! We spent 5 mornings working a way at a series of 14 different tests. Students were tested on their knowledge of Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Listening Skills. Needless to say, we needed a few dance breaks to get up and move in between tests!

Thursday, October 11th 

Move-a-Thon Day! We had great weather and a great time dancing and running all afternoon!

Tuesday, October 9th

Today we utilized our Mimio Interactive Whiteboard to practice our place value skills. We also used a foldable strip to help us with expanded and standard form.

We can’t wait to start writing in cursive! Students have been practicing so hard to learn this new skill.

Wednesday, October 3rd

We have been learning about the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Yesterday we created our own constellation. After reading a couple constellation stories, we took some time to write our own! We can’t wait to share the finished product!

Thursday, September 27th

This week we learned about the 3 Sacraments of Christian Initiation. We discussed ways we can be active members of our church by welcoming, serving, and thanking.

Wednesday, September 26th

Partner reading during Walk-to-Read!

Friday, September 21st

A little Fall art to celebrate the First Day of Fall! Student had the opportunity to write from the perspective of a leave. A few prompts the students chose from were: “A dog walked by and scooped me in his mouth…”, “One day I woke up and I was no longer cream…”, “As I fell from the big Oak tree…”, and “I was lying on the ground when someone picked me up and threw me in the air!…” We had so much fun with this creative writing!

Friday, September 14th

Today’s math class, brought to you by: Would You Rather…! Students were given two options to solve a math problem. They were able to discuss with their neighbor which option they would choose, work their choice out on a whiteboard, then we all worked together to solve both options together. It was a blast!

Students are loving the whisper phones! Whisper phones allow students to read aloud to themselves, without disrupting their classmates. They whisper into the phone, but hear themselves in a louder voice! Such a fun tool to use!

Wednesday, September 12th

We have been discussing traits and actions of “A Great Classmate”. Students worked in groups to create the ideas, then put them into sentences for Our Class Promise. We finally finished and signed our promises today!

Tuesday, September 11th

Today we shared out “All About Me” bags with the class. Everyone enjoyed seeing baby pictures and special items that belong to their classmates.

Monday, September 10th

In preparation for Mass, we completed a flip-book about the four parts of Mass. We discussed all the prayers we pray, the songs we sing, and the other pieces of Mass.

Friday, September 7th

We discussed and created posters about how we can include others: on the playground, in the lunch room, in our classroom, and in the community.

We read the book “We’re All Wonders”. We talked about what “unique” meant and interests/talents/characteristics that make us unique. Read what we wrote!

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Tuesday, September 4th

Here we are on our first day of school!