What Are We Up To?

Friday, November 3rd

Today we started Multiplication! No better way than making equal groups right on your desk!

Thursday, November 2nd

Practicing our subtraction facts with a little subtraction basketball!

Thursday, October 19th

After learning about communities (what it is and the different sizes), as well as what can shape a community (like landforms and resources), students got to create their own community! They chose the size and added the details of what shapes a community.

Tuesday, October 10th

After learning about Life Cycles, our class had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery.

Thursday, September 14th

Students are ready to welcome their parents to Back to School Night!

Tuesday, September 12th

Rejoice in Hope, Persevere in Prayer!
Our Class Prayer as a reminder of our school theme.

Monday, September 11th

After reading We’re All Wonders, we wrote about what makes US a Wonder!

Thursday, September 7th

Third Graders set personal goals around our Student Learning Expectations: Serve, Lead, Love, and Learn!

Wednesday, September 6th

Students learn the Parts of the Mass before our first All School Mass!

Tuesday, September 5th

Happy First Day of School! We had such a great day back with our classmates and back on campus! We cannot wait to get the school year started!