What Are We Up To?

Thursday, September 17th

In The Invisible Boy, the main character feels lonely and ignored until he writes a note to a new student and makes a friend. From that point on, he has someone to play with and feels included. We talked about what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like to be included.

Wednesday, September 15th

We’re all WONDERS!

Monday, September 14th

We have been practicing different reading strategies as we read through some wonderfully written back-to-school books. We “visualized the text” today after we read All Are Welcome.

Wednesday, September 9th

Today we read the book We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, a funny story about a dinosaur learning the rules of school. We discussed our own school rules and turned it into a craft to hang in our home schoolroom!

Tuesday, September 8th

Happy First Day of School!