Field Trips

We will be going off campus for some enrichment activities several times this school year. These trips are designed to enrich and complement the learning in the classroom.

We will be counting on your help to chaperone these events and carpool for us!  Please stop by the office and make sure you have a background check on file, as well as a proof of insurance form on file.  When both of these are in place, we’ll be ready to go!

Students are given a field trip Permission Slip for parents to sign before each trip, so you will always know when we plan to take your child off campus. The slip will detail whether or not your child needs to bring a lunch, the times of departure and return, as well as the date and location of our trip.  Field trips are uniform days as they help to keep our group together.

On Thursday, October 3rd, we will be visiting the planetarium at the Pacific Science Center to view The Night Sky. This ties in perfectly with our first science unit: “Sun, Moon, and Stars”. 


 Our second field trip is to Pike Place Market on Tuesday, May 12th. This field trip helps solidify our understanding of economics: producers, consumers, products, profit, etc. Pike Place Education Coordinator, Scott Davies visits our classroom three weeks prior to our field trip and preps us on how local food travels farm to market. He explains how farm-to-market financially benefits both the buyer and the farmer in the long run. Students learn different sounds and vocabulary of the market and learn the many ways in how the market supports our community/region.